About Us

Empowering the Future with AI

Who we are

Starkbits is a leading advanced technologies company powered by a wide spectrum of engineering and scientific expertise.


Starkbits is dedicated to providing innovative solutions with high performance and affordable cost to empower many sectors like Automotive Industry, Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing, Safety, Surveillance, Energy management, Quality control, Appliances, etc.

What we do?

Starkbits designs and develops Artificial Intelligence Software, Machine vision Algorithms, and Embedded systems to transform factories to be smart, make machines see and sense, make vehicles driving experience more comfortable and safe, automate businesses and making people life easier.

We help companies take the advantage of AI and Machine vision technologies into their business and to successfully apply digital transformations plans.

Why we are different?

Starkbits provides complex AI-based solutions with high performance and wide deployment flexibility while maintaining commercial feasibility.


With our mixed experienced in real-time embedded software, hardware, AI and machine vision, we could deliver high performing and commercially feasible products and solutions.


Our proprietary AI-based solutions could be deployed anywhere from tiny devices to cloud servers.