Aquila LPR

AI Driven License Plate Recognition.

About This Solution

Upgrade your services and reduce your expenses, Aquila LPR™ is crafted to make parking experience more convenient for parking users and operators.


Aquila LPR™ is installed at the entry and exit lanes of the car park ,Aquila LPR™ cameras capture license plate numbers of vehicles entering and leaving the car park , and send license plate numbers to local parking management server.


Pay-by-plate experience: Go Cashless, Ticketless and Cardless

Aquila LPR™ is a fully automated parking management system using license plate recognition to identify and bill parking services. Drivers will no longer worry about queuing on autopay machines for paying parking fees. Parking management will not worry about installation and servicing of autopay machines and handling cash payments.


Affordable and competitive costs

The heavy lifting is done through advanced AI algorithms, consequently, no special hardware is required, using a normal camera and AI technology, the system can be up and running in very short time.


Seamless integration with existing parking systems

If you already have your own parking management system and equipment, you don’t need to replace any equipment, Aquila LPR™ can integrate with existing parking systems and equipment to add LPR feature.


End-to-end customer experience

Aquila LPR™ web and mobile applications for parking management ensure a perfectly satisfying experience for parking users, also management can monitor and get reports of every detail in the parking, along with integration with any payment gateway, while users get the most convenient experience from the moment they enter the parking until leaving.


API integration

Aquila LPR™ APIs can integrate with any available 3rd party mobile and web application platforms, you can integrate your own proprietary mobile or web applications with our parking sensors and still use your own customer experience, receive the needed readings to operate your parking and generate your reports.


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