Aspectus HDS

NextGen Human Detection Sensor

About This Solution

Aspectus HDS™ is a camera based human detection sensor to determine if there is a human or not within the camera field of view. Utilizing optimal AI machine learning algorithms, Aspectus HDS™ is also capable of detecting and counting humans within the camera field of view and classifying their gender, age, etc.


Various Applications

A perfect match for smart buildings technologies capabilities include:

  • Security and surveillance (residential or commercial perimeters)
  • Energy saving: automatic control of lighting and AC
  • Billboard advertising audience analysis (indoor and outdoor)
  • Home Appliances


Sophisticated technology

Based on sophisticated deep learning algorithms and flexible to be fine tuned and updated for enhancements and to adapt to new environments, Aspectus HDS™ guarantees the most accurate results of detection, tailored to your needs.


AI at the Edge, Affordable Solution

Aspectus HDS™ runs on edge devices, so no camera streaming to cloud servers is required, the sensor has a standalone processing unit capable of running our optimized Artificial Intelligence algorithms, and send only human count data or the corresponding alarms to your web or mobile application, all in astonishingly affordable pricing.


API integration with other backend/frontend solutions

APIs to integrate with mobile and applications are available, you can integrate with our human detection sensors and still use your own proprietary mobile or web applications to receive the readings and generate your preferred customer experience or reports.

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