IoT Bluecap

Protection at the Edge

About This Solution

IoT BluecapTM Security Module protects your IoT devices from being missed up with. It make it very hard, even with physical access, to break into the device, trying to change behaviour or tamper the system by sending false data.


IoT BluecapTM Provides an IP protection out of the box for your software IP running on IoT devices, from boot to application level.


IoT BluecapTMSecures your products and protect your IoT device software against tampering, cloning and reverse engineering. Make sure only you can have access to your IoT devices.


Anti Tampering

IoT BluecapTM make it very hard for bad actors who have physical contact with the IoT device from altering boot loader, operating system or the application. And ensures integrity of hardware running the system.


IoT Node authentication on network

IoT BluecapTM prevents fake nodes from connecting to your application backend. Authentication is done with non-clonable certificates; to ensure that you are connecting to the actual device, not a fake clone.


Anti Cloning

IoT BluecapTM protects against cloning of the device. Each device protected by IoT BluecapTM have its unique protection vectors, any clone of the device will not even boot up.


Protection against Reverse Engineering

IoT BluecapTM prevents reverse engineering attempts from knowing the internal implementations of the running applications, e.g. getting into the source, runtime attacks, memory attacks, debugging, etc.


Licensing with cloud or on the edge

Authentication and licensing can be done on the device without having connectivity or relying on any backend cloud servers for advanced authentication and licensing methods.


Easy Integration

IoT BluecapTM is shipped with all necessary desktop tools required to pack and protect your software IP.


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