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About This Solution

IRIS ParkTM system monitors the actual occupancy of parking lots, providing valuable information and navigates drivers all the way to empty parking spots.


City-wide parking spaces

Instead of using costly and high maintenance conventional parking occupancy detection systems, IRIS ParkTM camera based solution utilizes sophisticated Artificial Intelligence technology, helping  you cover tens or even hundreds of parking slots using only one camera depending on camera’s field of view, with unrivaled accuracy and cost effectiveness.


On-Edge Detection, another way to cut down your costs

IRIS ParkTM cuts down running costs because it runs on affordable and compact hardware, with minimal-effort setup, compared to the high cost of cloud based architectures which corresponds to recurring monthly costs for bandwidth and cloud servers.


Mobile application for drivers

IRIS ParkTM helps drivers navigate to the nearest parking spot available in the streets, with drivers convenience added in mind, the mobile application gives drivers a very satisfying and helpful navigation experience, to avoid running around in search for an available parking slot, also reducing driver’s overall fuel consumption of the trip and reduces pollutants emissions. Also payment experience for drivers is easier since transactions are done through mobile.


Dynamic and easy configuration

Add new parking slots or configure existing slots easily using backend control panel, add label/tags for each parking bay, as well as mark it as reserved, handicapped, etc.


Details and dynamic reporting

Acquire useful insights about parking bays utilization and the peak hours for parking, how much time it takes drivers to find a parking spot. Accurately predict the prospective revenues and plan on how to optimize them accordingly, for example, you can add more parking slots in congested areas based on actual reports.


API integration with other backend/frontend solutions

APIs to integrate with mobile and applications are available, you can integrate with our parking sensors and still use your own proprietary mobile or web applications to receive the readings and generate your preferred customer experience or reports.


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